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shown in clinical trials after 7 weeks of use

How does it work?

The Antinitus patch contains a unique microscopic raster that, with the help of regular and chaotic daylight, creates an organised fractal light, like a lens, which in turn prompts water molecules to transform into a more coherent state. This so called Aklo® technology is used in the patch as a non-invasive and passive medical device with a maximum level of safety.

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While this product may provide relief from Tinnitus, it will not treat the underlying cause. These causes may include, but are not limited to hearing loss, stress, wax buildup, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder, and loud noise exposure.

If your Tinnitus symptoms are new , causing you significant distress, or are in time with your heartbeat [pulsatile], we also recommend seeing your family doctor and having a Tinnitus assessment with your local independent Audiologist to rule out any medical conditions causing or aggravating the Tinnitus.